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Kayleigh's Lovebean Lime EnergyBalls

Posted by Kayleigh on


Here is a wonderful healthy low gycemic energy ball recipe created by our niece Kayleigh! 

Lovebean Loves Lime Energy Balls

You will need: 

¾ cup unsalted almonds
¼ cup unsalted cashews
2 limes (zest and juice)
1 ½ cups pitted dates (chopped)
¼ cup Lovebean (Raw or Hazelnut taste great)
pinch of salt
1/3 cup unsweetened coconut flakes.

  1. Place the almonds and cashews into a food processor or a good blender and pulse until fully chopped.
  2. Pour chopped nuts into a large bowl. Add the zest and juice of both limes, the chopped dates, salt and Lovebean.
  3. Stir to combine. Depending on the power of your food processor or blender, you will need to decide how much of the mixture to blend at a time. If you have a very powerful food processor, you can probably blend the entire amount, but we find that even in a Vitamix blender, this works best when you blend about ¼ of the mixture at a time.
  4. Once everything is blended, place the mixture back into a bowl.
  5. Roll the mixture into 10 equal-sized balls.
  6. Place the coconut flakes into a small bowl and roll each ball through (you may have to press the coconut into each ball to get it to stick) the coconut.
  7. Place your energy balls into an airtight container and store in the refrigerator to enjoy whenever you need a healthy energy boost!