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Our Story

Lovebean is in the business of pure and potent chocolate and other High-Grade Vegan and Paleo treats. We use only Organic ingredients in our spreads and we always sweeten with delicious low-glycemic Coconut Nectar. We spend lots of extra dough on the best ingredients because we want our products to make you feel amazing! Our chocolate spreads are Virgin Coconut Oil-based so not only are they a healthier option to your typical chocolate spreads and bars, but this allows the texture to vary from thick and creamy when cooler to completely liquid and perfect for dipping when warmer (or for making a magic shell on ice cream!!). You've never had so much fun with chocolate (or caramel)!   

The idea for Lovebean sprouted in the lush landscapes of Costa Rica where this bearded fellow here (Mr. Lovebean) was living amidst crazy howler monkeys, beautiful beaches, and oodles of cacao plantations. The raw materials were there, but finding a truly organic, healthy chocolate bar was still not an option at the local markets.  

Setting out to make Costa Rica's best chocolate bar, he soon discovered that it is a very delicate art that requires lots of fancy machinery and therefore a large investment which was not an option at the time (we leave that specialty to the geniuses at Eating Evolved now!). After a few weeks tinkering with different ideas in the kitchen, the first 'chocolate bar-in-a-jar' was born. 

It was a win-win situation. A delicious dark chocolate flavor with all the added benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil that was spreadable and versatile and virtually immune to the Costa Rican heat. Response at the local markets was immediately enthusiastic. A few months later Mr. Lovebean headed home to Austin to share this new superfood fudge with all the good people Stateside.  

Two years down the road now and we continue to make each batch of Lovebean with love by hand in our kitchen in good ol' Austin, TX.  The familia has joined in on the action as well, with sister Ro-Ro Superfly around town rocking demos at Whole Foods, Pops doing the books, Moms as Chief Marketing Director...we're having a blast and hope you will enjoy the fruits of our efforts to bring you truly guilt-free sweet treats with only the finest ingredients Nature has to offer!